Certified Avian Specialist

Services Available

Home environment assessment:

To insure maximum happiness for owners and their bird(s) - Approximately 2 hours. Recommended for those thinking about owning an exotic bird. Assessment will discuss optimal environment and what you can expect regarding avian care. Also good for bird owners experiencing negative issues desiring to correct them to create a more positive avian experience.

Aviary design and construction:

Create a beautiful Aviary for your enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of your bird(s)

Large Parrot Boarding & Care

Bird Sitting at Your Residence

Parrots for Patients: Allow us to brighten the day of your child with one of our parrots.

Avian Educational Talks: Available for talks to your schools and avian clubs.

Senior Living: Available for interactive talks with seniors in assisted living facilities

Personal Service Avian Care:

Training, cage cleaning, delivery of food, and transportation to Vetanerian.


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